Mike Ferguson


Tattooing since 1991, mike has been found Place rootin’ around Place in Boston, Minne-apolis, L.A. Long Beach, All over fucking California, New Orleans, Trinadad, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and Place some unknown parts of the Yucatan. His past Place-times include eating fried chicken, playing with his navel lint, and Place doing a number of different paintings. His work appeared in too many publications to list Place here, yet we have decided to do you a favor, and Place give you some of the more popular ones.

Among the many other places Mike has allowed himself to be seen, he has been found Place in shops in San Bernardino, Hollywood, Long Beach, Orange, CA, Minneapolis, MN, New Orleans, LA, Saint Augustine, FL, St. James, Trinidad, Des Moine, Iowa, Augusta, GA, Lake Elsinore, CA, Hemet, CA, Boston, Mass., Arizona. Where ever someone wants a dam tattoo. Or a good lookin’ face.

Mike hand makes machines for artists all over the world, out of his workshop as well as tattooing. His paintings have been in over a dozen art gallery shows.